Advisery Services

We serve a unique niche market that encompasses companies with between $3 million and $15 million in annual sales.   Often companies in this size range must be prepared for sale prior to being placed on the market.  Frequent challenges confronting entities in this size range often  include poor quality of internal financial personnel, tax and accounting records that often do not reflect the true earning capacity of the enterprise, lackluster sales, and poor cash management. 

Unlike traditional consulting firms that simply proffer advice, we take an active role in helping you deal with your challenges. 

Let’s address each of the challenges mentioned above, how they impact the sale and price of your business, and how PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC can help you address them. 

Capital raising assistance from Plutus Advisers LLC

Assistance With Capital Raising

 Often small and midsized privately owned enterprises lack  the capital required to implement their growth plans. By not being able to grow and reach their potential, they have difficulty maximizing their eventual sale price. We have the ability to assist you in procuring financing from the Small Business Administration and, if equity capital is required, we have contacts in private equity firms around  the country. We would like the opportunity to discuss your capital requirements and to analyze your financial statements so that we can evaluate your needs and how we can be of assistance in helping you procure the funds to effectuate your goals.  

Internal Financial Personnel

Companies in the market that we serve often have poorly trained internal financial personnel. Timely financial reports cannot be produced and, hence, management does not know what their profitability is on a monthly and quarterly basis.  Their outside accountant may come in on a periodic basis, but this is often to infrequent to be of value from a reporting standpoint.   We can give you an objective assessment of your internal financial personnel and their capabilities and assist you in making appropriate changes when necessary so that timely financial reports can be produced that are invaluable in managing the business.

Advisery Services
Advisery Services

Inaccurate Tax and Accounting Records

Closely held businesses in this size range are often run solely for the personal financial benefit of the shareholders and with the idea in mind of minimizing Federal and State taxes.  Thus when the business is placed on the market, it is impossible or extremely difficult for a prospective buyer to discern the true earning capacity of the enterprise.  Since the price of the business is cash flow driven,  PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC can help you recast the numbers to reflect the true earning capacity of the enterprise  so that upon sale you receive the best price. 

Lackluster Sales

Often companies are placed on the market when sales have been flat or in decline for a significant period of time. This creates a negative impression in the mind of a prospective buyer:  buyers buy tomorrow but they pay for today.  Virtually all prospective buyers want to purchase a business that they can grow and expand.  PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC can help you expand your revenue by identifying new potential markets, assist you in recruiting talented sales personnel,  opening up new channels of distribution, and develop additional sales from your existing customer base.  In this area our compensation is heavily performance oriented; we in effect partner with you so that  our success is your success.

Advisery Services
Advisery Services

Poor Cash Management

Often companies in the size range that we serve have poor cash management. This is often the result of poor accounts receivable managements.  We can help you collect on your accounts receivables without alienating your customers and we can help you evaluate new customers so that they do not become a collection problem.  Finally, we can assist you with obtaining bank financing via the SBA or capital via other sources.