Certified business brokers selling your company

Your company is probably your single largest asset, and the quality of your retirement is most likely going to depend upon its successful sale.  Selling a business that you have built up over the years is the most important business decision that you will ever make. Nothing is more important than doing it correctly the first time. And Plutus Advisers are business brokers skilled in selling your company. 

Maximize the Sale Value of Your Business

Plutus Advisers, LLC (PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC) was formed for the purpose of integrating traditional merger and acquisition services, or transaction services, with advisory services. This integration created a merger and acquisition company that enables the owners of small and mid-sized companies to maximize the sale value of their businesses. Consequently, we specialize in helping the owners of closely held entities with between $3 million and $15 million in annual revenues prepare their businesses for sale, and then to facilitate a transaction. But we have also assisted the owners of smaller entities market their businesses and achieve a successfully consummated transaction.   

Business Brokers Selling Your Company, with a Unique Set of Skills

Companies in the size range that we specialize in, and smaller ones as well, are often inadequately served by the traditional investment banking and merger and acquisition firms and yet, at the same time, selling them usually requires an expertise that your traditional “mom and pop” business brokers lack. Hence, we have found that we bring a unique set of skills to this market segment. 

Certified Public Accountant

Brad Palmer is a N.J Certified Public Accountant with 30 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant working with numerous owners of small and mid sized businesses and proactively assisting them with a wide variety of challenges. These assignments have included raising capital, restructuring balance sheets, resolving a wide variety of tax issues and assisting the owners in designing exit strategies.   

Merger & Acquisition Expertise

Prior to starting his own successful accounting practice, Brad was in charge of mergers and acquisitions for a large division of Senior PLC, a global engineering firm based in the UK.  In that position, he successfully searched for acquisition candidates, negotiated the purchase of target candidates, and managed the divestiture of various subsidiaries. 

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Family Business

FAMILY BUSINESS: In the Godfather, Michael Corleone says to his wife: “Don’t ask me about my business”!  You may want to recall this admonition in deciding what information about a family owned business to share with a spouse. Many times, family businesses fail because of the interference of a shareholder’s spouse.  The typical scenario is one in which one of  the offspring of the founder marries someone who is not involved in the business.  That person makes an assumption that, due to the marriage, he or she [...]

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When a business owner is considering selling his or her business, too often s/he gives too little thought to how the buyer is going to pay for the purchase; this is often thought of as the buyer’s problem.  In reality, of course, it is the seller’s problem if s/he wants to have a consummated transaction.   Most prospective business buyers do not want to pay all cash, even if they have the wherewithal to do so.  Generally, there is a down payment of between 10 [...]

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    Business brokers selling your company
    Business brokers selling your company


    Certain challenges can impact the sale and price of your business; learn how Plutus Advisers can help.

    Business brokers selling your company

    Transaction Services

    We provide a comprehensive program to facilitate a smooth sale.

    Business brokers selling your company


    Here are some typical questions that we have compiled from clients we have helped.

    Business brokers selling your company

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    Businesses for sale start with listings. The successful outcome of a listing is based on many factors.

    Preparation is the essential factor. From preparation to understanding the time frame, a professional business broker can take the guess-work out of the selling process and acquire potential buyers that may not have ever known that your company was for sale.

    Following are our New Jersey Business for Sale Listings:


    • Table liquor license: Asking Price, $250,000 – Sold for $232,500 after 3 months. 6 Potential Buyers.
    • Exxon Gas Station with “C” store: Asking Price $210,000, net $85,000, Sold for $165,000 after 5 months. 12 Potential Buyers.
    • Non Branded Gas Station: Asking Price $425,000, net $245,000, Sold for $375,000 after 2 months. 5 Potential Buyers.
    • Pizzeria / Italian Restaurant: Asking Price $375,000, Gross $900,000, Sold for $355,000 after 5 months. 4 Potential Buyers.
    • Janitorial Supply Distributorship: Asking Price $2 million, net $200,000, Sold for $900,000 including inventory, machinery and equipment after 8 months. 5 Potential Buyers.
    • Childcare Center: Asking Price $1,025,000, Sold for $950,000 after 9 months. 12 Potential Buyers.

    Discover The Future

    We specialize in helping the owners of closely held entities with between $3 million and $15 million in annual revenues prepare their businesses for sale, and then to facilitate a transaction.

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