Business Listings


Businesses for sale start with listings. The successful outcome of a listing is based on many factors.

Preparation is the essential factor. From preparation to understanding the time frame, a professional business broker can take the guess-work out of the selling process and acquire potential buyers that may not have ever known that your company was for sale.

Following are our New Jersey Business for Sale Listings:


  • Table liquor license: Asking Price, $250,000 – Sold for $232,500 after 3 months. 6 Potential Buyers.
  • Exxon Gas Station with “C” store: Asking Price $210,000, net $85,000, Sold for $165,000 after 5 months. 12 Potential Buyers.
  • Non Branded Gas Station: Asking Price $425,000, net $245,000, Sold for $375,000 after 2 months. 5 Potential Buyers.
  • Pizzeria / Italian Restaurant: Asking Price $375,000, Gross $900,000, Sold for $355,000 after 5 months. 4 Potential Buyers.
  • Janitorial Supply Distributorship: Asking Price $2 million, net $200,000, Sold for $900,000 including inventory, machinery and equipment after 8 months. 5 Potential Buyers.
  • Childcare Center: Asking Price $1,025,000, Sold for $950,000 after 9 months. 12 Potential Buyers.