Transaction Services

Our transaction services include far more than simply locating a buyer.  We provide a comprehensive program to facilitate a smooth sale.  To this end, we provide the following services:

Plutus Advisers LLC business valuation tips

We Provide A Realistic Assessment Of What The Business Is Worth. 

Owners often place a value on their business that is in excess of what a prospective buyer will pay. They might do so based upon industry rumor, or they might simply hope to get lucky.  PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC knows how to value your business.  We know, or can locate, industry guidelines and we also know how to apply formal techniques of business valuation that have been developed on Wall Street and are accepted in Court.

Handling the Negotiating Process

There is far more to the negotiating process than simply maximizing the agreed upon sale price, as important as this is. Issues that must be addressed include the terms of the transaction, the terms of post closing employment, if any, for the seller, how accounts receivables and accounts payables will be handled, and a variety of other matters.  At PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC, we are experienced in managing issues of this type so that prospective buyers are not alienated and a transaction is consummated.

Transaction Services
Transaction Services

Preparing Professional Memoranda of Sale

We prepare memoranda of sale that conveys to a prospective buyer everything that s/he would want to know about your business prior to meeting with you so that your time is not wasted and only serious buyers are presented.

Due Digilence

Due diligence means the process by which the prospective buyer seeks to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the seller’s representations concerning the financial and market status of the business. Frequently, this is the stage in the sale process where many deals fail.  At PLUTUS ADVISERS, LLC, we know how to handle due diligence so that it does not become an obstacle to a consummated transaction. 

Transaction Services
Transaction Services


While many seller’s view obtaining financing as the buyer’s challenge, in reality it is an issue for both buyer and seller: if the buyer cannot procure financing, a consummated transaction will not occur.  At Plutus Advisers, LLC, we have intimate knowledge of the SBA lending process, and we know how to present your business in the most favorable light to prospective lenders  so that the result is a closed deal.